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SHL-Alubin Website – Privacy Policy

The SHL-Alubin Ltd. Company (henceforth the "Company") greatly respects the privacy of visitors to the website that the company manages and operates (henceforth the "website"), and takes strong measures to protect their privacy. The website's privacy policy sets the rules regarding the use and protection of information provided to the company by users of the website. The aim of the policy is to present the company's rules and procedures regarding user privacy, and to explain how the company uses information provided by site visitors, and information that is collected by the company whenever the website is used. Since the company respects user privacy, the company has decided to make public its policy regarding privacy protection, and to clarify it as far as possible in this document; the company is committed to implementing this policy for the benefit of its users. For the sake of convenience, this document uses singular masculine forms, but is intended for both genders equally.

Please note: You are not obligated to submit any information, and the law does not obligate you to do so. However, the non-submission of information will prevent you from accessing a number of services that are available on the website. 

Information privacy:

The company is obligated to guarantee your privacy. If you are asked to submit any personal information while using this website, this data will only be used according to the declared privacy policy as presented in this document. The policy may occasionally be modified, and such a change will be shown on this web page. We recommend that you check this page from time to time, in order to ensure that any changes in our privacy policy are acceptable to you. This policy takes effect in January 2014.

Information collected:

During use of the website services, information about you is collected. Some of the information is given by you knowingly and voluntarily, such as personal identification details, including your name, address and other details that you provide. Some of the information is not linked to you personally and is not saved together with your details. This is accumulated statistical data including, for example, pages viewed, offers and services that you were interested in, and the IP address from which you accessed the website.  

We may collect the following information:

·         First name and family name

·         Details regarding your occupation and profession

·         Contact details including your email address

·         Pages visited, queries and requests made on the website

·         Information related to communication between the user and the company via the website

What do we do with the information we collect?

We will only use the information that we collect in accordance with the present privacy policy or the law. We store the information in order to facilitate future contact with you and give you better service. We may use the information in order to inform you via email (or other means) about new products, special offers and events, or to interest you in activities organized by us, or to provide you with any other information we think may interest you. We may use the information in order to offer various joint activities, and to improve our products and services. We may contact you by means of the data you have given us, for purposes such as customer service and/or market research. We may use the information in order to answer your questions, and to help you in other ways according to your needs and wishes.

Information security

The company takes great care to ensure that its websites and systems are managed with proper information security. However, it must be understood that even though information security reduces the risks of unauthorized access to the company's computers and websites, they are not completely immune to such access, in all conditions. The website operators do not guarantee that the website's services will be completely immune to unauthorized access to the information stored on the website.

The right to view information

According to paragraph 13 of the Privacy Protection Law, 1981, every person is entitled to view – by himself, or via a representative authorized in writing, or via a custodian – personal information about him that is stored in any database. Any person who reviews the information and finds that it is not correct, complete, clear and up-to-date, is entitled to request that the database owners correct the information or delete it completely. Such requests should be submitted to alubin@alubin.com or by fax: 04-8761160 or by regular mail to: SHL-Alubin Ltd., 37 Yosef Levy St., the Industrial Zone, Kiryat Bialik.

Browser Cookies

The website operators use cookies for various purposes, such as: routine site operation, collecting statistics about the site, verification of details, and customizing the site to your personal preferences and data security needs. The cookies are text files created by your browser according to commands sent from the website's computers. Some of the cookies will disappear when you close the browser, and others will be stored on your computer's hard disk. The cookies may contain information such as the web pages you visited, the length of your visit, how you accessed the website, the information and sections that you asked to see when you entered the site, and other details. They can also prevent your having to enter your personal details, every time that you want to re-enter those sections of the site that require registration. The information in cookies is encrypted, and the site operators take precautions in order to guarantee that only the website's computers can read and understand such information. 

If you don't want to receive cookies, you can block them by modifying the relevant settings in your browser. In order to do so, you should view the browser's Help file. Please note that the neutralization of cookies may prevent you from using some of the services and features available at the site and at other websites. In addition, you have the option of deleting the cookies from your computer at any time. We suggest that you only delete the cookies if you are sure that you don't want the website's functions to be customized to your preferences. Since the cookies can help avoid the necessity to enter usernames and passwords repeatedly, you should not delete them until you have made sure that you have stored all the necessary details in a safe place, so that you can access the website in future.

Links to other websites

On the website you will occasionally find links to other sites that may interest you. Please remember that, as soon as you use these links, you will move on to external sites over which the company has no control. Naturally, the company cannot take responsibility for any privacy protection provided at these websites during your visits. It must be emphasized that your visits to these websites are not controlled by the company's privacy policy. Precautions must be taken when surfing on websites, and you should check the privacy policies and declarations of every website.

Transfer of information to a third party

Personal details and information collected about your site activities, so long as this information identifies you personally, will not be transferred to a third party, apart from the following cases:

·         In cases where you participate in content activities of a third party, or activities that are common to both the third party and the company, and are shown on the company website. In these cases, the partners will receive the necessary information for managing the relevant content activity and maintaining contact with you.

·         If you should violate the usage terms of the site, and/or its statutes and/or its registration agreement regulations and/or the terms for receiving services from the site; or if you use the site directly or indirectly for illegal activities, or attempt to do so, the site operators will be entitled to transfer any information as required.

·         If the company should organize the site activity in the framework of another corporation, or if it is merged with a different body, if it merges its activity with the activities of a third party, it will be entitled to transfer to any of these bodies a copy of the information stored for you on the website and/or any statistical data that it holds, provided that these bodies accept the instructions set by the privacy policy, as stated on this web page.

·         If the company should sell or transfer in any way the website activities to any other corporation, and/or if it is merged with a different body or if it merges its website activity with that of a third party, [it will be entitled to transfer to any of these bodies a copy of the information stored for you on the website and/or any statistical information that it holds, provided that these bodies accept the instructions set by the privacy policy as stated on this web page.

·         If instructed in a legal procedure by a court of law, with or without a warrant, to transfer part and/or all of the information about you to any court of law and/or to a third party. 

·         As part of any disagreement, claim, lawsuit, demand, or legal procedure between you and the site operators.

·         In any case where the site operators are convinced that the transfer of information is necessary in order to prevent substantial damage to you and/or any other body, including a third party.

·         The website will enable you to make use of various applications on the company’s website and on other sites (such as the social network website Facebook), which may inform third parties, including other web surfers on other social network websites, that you have been introduced to, or have read content published on the site. It is hereby clarified that, by accepting the application, you hereby confirm that are aware of all the above and that you will have no claim against the company regarding this issue.

We wish you a pleasant and fruitful visit to our website, and will be happy to hear from you – the website operating team and the SHL-Alubin company.

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